Demo Reel, 2019

Kenny McDonald is a Vancouver-born filmmaker. He has worked as a cinematographer and editor on feature films, documentaries, short films, and in commercial advertising. 

In 2019 he completed the 2-year MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University. Now, he delivers exceptional work with a passion for striking images and compelling narrative strategies to help dedicated clients tell their stories.



Arc'teryx, 2021

Product Campaign launch video: Alpha SL Anorak. Edit, colour.

Arc'teryx, 2021

Product Campaign launch video: Agrium Jacket. Edit, colour

B Yoga, 2021

Fall Collection launch video. DP, edit, colour.

Halfmoon Yoga, 2021

Fall Collection launch video. DP, edit, colour.

Airplane, 2021

Music video for Janette King's rich and energizing single, Airplane, featured on Complex UK. Director, DP, edit, colour. 



2021 | Dir. James Kim

International Women's Day short documentary featuring Dominque Showers' inspiring and resilient life in the outdoor industry. Arc'teryx.  

Edit, colour


2019 | Dir. Kenny McDonald

Two brothers, Jack and Dan, have been estranged for 19-years. For the first time, in this short documentary film, they confront the pervasive impact of their decisive separation.

For more information, click here.

Cinematography, edit, colour

Bachelor Party

2019 | Dir. Kristina Hajdukovic

An experimental short film about desire, trauma, and shallow connection, where a woman meets a man in a bar and revisits her past.

Cinematography, edit

Sad Clown in 21st Century Lonely

2019 | Dir. Kristina Hajdukovic

Sad Clown is the pilot of an anthology series, 21st Century Lonely, that follows two teenagers on a Friday night. It's a comedic take on depression and female friendship, as well as the discrepancy between adolescent expectations and reality.

Cinematography, edit, colour

Little Dreamer

2019 | Dir. Bri Proke

A short film about two people in search of connection but only find naive hope and emptiness.

Cinematography, edit

Shark Week 

2018 | Dir. Bri Proke

A feature film about lonely burnout Bill Berney skateboarding through the city in search of his lost dog. In the course of this sweaty summer day, Bill is repeatedly confronted with people from his past.

Camera operator



2021 | Dir. Kenny McDonald

16mm Kodak Double X film stock. Soundscape by Nomiso Studios

DP, edit.

Beach Day

2018 | Dir. Kenny McDonald

Integrating 8mm film stock with digital images this short film explores a dog's subconscious experiences. Soundscape by Earth Moon Alliance

DP, edit, colour



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